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The crime rate in North Plainfield is above the state average. Arrests occur for a wide array of criminal offenses, including drug possession, domestic violence, and shoplifting.

Depending on the offense, punishment can include any of the following:

  • Steep fines
  • Jail or prison time
  • Probation
  • Community service
  • Mandatory programs
  • License suspension or revocation

If you have been charged for criminal activity, the legal team at Schiller & Pittenger, P.C. can help you build a defense geared toward reducing or dismissing your charges. Allow us to leverage our strong background in criminal defense to fight your criminal charge today.

Fighting DUI Charges in New Jersey

We provide high quality defense against drinking and driving charges. A DWI/DUI can have a crushing impact on your personal and profession life. Not only will you face overwhelming legal penalties, you could also lose your job. Fortunately, you do not have to face these charges alone. We at Schiller & Pittenger, P.C. understand the difficulties you face and have the experience to guide you through the complex legal process.

One of the main ways we fight DUI charges is by demonstrating that your rights were violated in the arrest process. New Jersey courts provide strict protocol for police officers conducting DUI-related arrests. If the officer deviated from the current procedure, your rights may have been violated. If we find that you have been the victim of such a violation, we can file the appropriate motions to have your charges dismissed.

Don’t face your charges alone!

Do not hesitate to contact Schiller & Pittenger, P.C. for legal assistance. Our team of qualified lawyers works hard to minimize or eliminate criminal charges and achieve the most favorable result for our clients. We are trial ready, trial-proven, and waiting to take your case. Contact our firm for a case consultation!

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